Pearls Beauty Lounge & Bridal Studio acknowledged as an exclusive bridal studio for bride & groom makeover. For more than two decades now, Pearls has been Chennai’s most preferred and trusted destination for cutting‐edge styling, bridal makeover, hair and skin care, and enhancing treatments.

A wonderful way to relax. The use of ayurvedic oils contributes to physical and mental well being and improves skin tone and texture visibly!

  • Body Polishing – 120 min (Removes dead cells and gives glowing skin)
  • Deep Tissue Body Massage – 90 min (Relieves tight sore muscles and energizes your body – it involves slow, deliberate strokes that Focus pressure on layers of other tissues deep under your skin)
  • Swedish Body Massage – 90 min (Improves, circulation, reduces tension and encourages relaxation, leaving you feeling refreshed & revitalized – it involves soft long, kneading strokes & Tapping Strokes, on topmost layer of muscles)
  • Body SPA – 120 min (Attains deep relaxation & rejuvenate your skin with Aromatic essential oils & Hot stone massage)
  • Body Reflexology – 90 / 30 min (Reflex your body muscles – it involves hand, thumb and finger techniques to stimulate the blood Circulation)
  • Foot Reflexology – 45 / 20 min) (Massage techniques on special reflex areas of the feet are applied to release tension, fatigue and improve physical balance to the body. This stimulates physical, mental and emotional well being).